Is there any charge to join and earn on this website?

There is no charge to join and use this website.
To win a prize, you must have donated for at least one art lot.

Will I earn real money?

Of course! You earn real money when you become a winner for any prize. All your activities on this website earn you points. The highest points earners earn real money for their prizes. If you are a winner for any prize, we will contact you via email/call and ask for your PayPal email address. We transfer your prize amount via PayPal only. Click here to know about all prizes.

How will I know when I win some prize?

There are multiple prizes that one can earn on this website. If you are a winner for any prize, we will contact you. You will receive an email from our official email address: [email protected]
In the email we will ask for your PayPal email address, where you want to receive your prize.

In the same email we will also inform you the process to get the prize.

Where can I see my earned points?

Upon logging in, you can see your points on the right side of the pages (At the bottom if you browse from mobile). Also you can click on the top navigation option “My Points History”.
You can also click here to know your points.

Click here to know how you can earn more points

Is there a limit to how many donations I can make?

No limit – you can donate as many times as you want to any Lot, and to as many Lots as you want to.
Keep in mind, the more donations you make, the more points you earn, and the more votes you get to have.

Once I get my eBook, CD or DVD download, can I give it to someone else?

No, you may not. P4tP does not own the rights to our artists’ products. If you want to contact them directly and ask permission to make a copy for someone, you can. However, we discourage this, since it does nothing to help the artist, the company, or you yourself in terms of helping you to win a prize.

If I win cash prizes with P4tP, do I have to pay taxes on the money?

Yes, any prize money won is subject to whatever taxation is the law in the State/Region/Country you live in.

If I win a prize in any given Art Lot, I understand that I have to “cash in” my points to receive it. Do I lose all my points, even including any points I have earned in other Art Lots?

No. You must cash in only the points earned within the Art Lot that you have won a prize. You can retain all other points you have earned in any and all other Art Lots. Also, if the prize you win in an Art Lot is a Progress Prize, you do not lose any points at all. You can keep your points earned in that Art Lot and continue competing for the Artist Ambassador Prize at the completion of the Lot.

Is the Referral Network an MLM? And, if so, how many levels deep and wide can my network be?

The P4tP Referral Networking program is technically not a “Multi-Level-Marketing” (MLM) system, in that there is no money being earned with percentages of the money going “upline” to sponsors. Only points are earned. Since points earned by Members in your “downline” do add points to your points total, P4tP’s Referral Network program is sort of an MLM hybrid. Your network can have unlimited width (you can refer as many people as you want into P4tP Membership) and will go five levels deep beneath you.

Can I give my points earned to someone else? Help them to win a prize, if I don’t have a chance at it?

Sorry, but no. Points earned are non-transferable. We have to keep it this way to keep the games fair.
If we allowed transfers of points, Members who have made the effort to earn their points to win a prize could lose to someone who had done very little, but had a lot of Member friends who gave him/her their points.

How long does it take for an Art Lot to be completed? Is there a time limit?

It could take as little as a few days, or several weeks or months—that is up to you, the people, and how quickly 5,000 donations are made to the Lot. We do, however, for tax purposes, payout every December 31st, whether the Lot has been completed or not. The artist then has two options. Option one, is to reopen the same Lot on January 1st. The Lot will continue with the download counter where it was when the year-end payout was made. For example, if a Lot had achieved 2,500 downloads on December 31st, payouts would be made at 50% of the total monies scheduled for its full completion. Then, on January 1st, it would reopen with the download counter starting at 2,500. The other option for the artist is, to open up a completely new Lot, starting with the standard 5,000 donations required to reach completion.

How can I get credit and points for referring other people to P4tP?

Once you make a donation, you become a P4tP Member, and can set up your account. Go to My Account/Edit My Profile, and there you will find your unique P4tP Member Link. You can then use that link on all your social medias, email, WhatsApp, etc. Send out invitations to your friends to come and see this new website you are a Member of, asking them to click on your link. When people click on your link you get points, if they register you get more points, and if they make their first donation and become a Member, you get even more points! They then become part of your Referral Network and you continue to earn points as they become active in the points system.

Can I suggest other organizations to go on the list of charities that are voted on to receive donations?

Sure you can! We welcome suggestions. Email us at: [email protected] with your suggestion. Please include a link to their website, so we can evaluate and verify their credibility. If they are accepted, you may not see them on the list right away, but as charities are awarded donations, they go off the list and new organizations are added onto it.

What are the charities with P4tP?

I am an artist. How can I become a P4tP artist?

We encourage new artists to join our website and display their arts. First, register with P4tP and become a Member. Choose any P4tP artist you want to support and, in the spirit of “artists supporting the arts”, make a donation. After that, please click on, read carefully,and fill out this form. We will get back to you soon.

I am a P4tP artist. How can I add my arts?

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click Dashboard.
  3. On the left side, click on “Arts”
  4. On the right side, click “Add New Art”
  5. Please fill this form and click “Create Art”.

Once you submit your art, it is sent for review. Once your art is approved, it will be live on website and will be available for receiving donations for it. You will also receive email notifications for all actions.

I am an artist. My art is live on website for donations. Can I see reports?

You can check all reports of your arts. You can check your arts status, donations, your earnings, number of donations, number of your art views etc.You can check all your reports by following below steps:

    You can check all your reports by following below steps:
  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click Dashboard.

If I apply for and am accepted as a P4tP Artist/Client, can I play for points myself on my Art Lot?

No, you may not. Additionally, nobody else in your immediate family can compete within your Art Lot, either. However, you can compete for points to win prizes in other artists’ Lots, as can your immediate family, also. You can promote your own Art Lot by spreading the word and inviting people to come to the site and donate, play for points and compete for prizes in your Lot—we certainly encourage you to do that! It makes sense and is to your advantage, because it gets you that much faster to a $350,000 payout!

I have a question which is not available here.

Please check this page once: Help – How It Works

If you still have any other question, please email us at: [email protected]