Charities P4tP Supports

Publishing 4 The People supports the charities listed below. You can click on each of the organizations and go to their official websites. On the Art Lot donation page, you can cast one vote (per donation) for which charity you want to receive a $4,500 donation at the completion of the Lot.

See this image how you select your preferred charity when you donate for an art.

NOTE: Do not donate on the charity websites – cast your vote here for the charity of your choice.
A donation automatically goes to the charity that receives the most votes at the completion of each Art Lot.

On the art donation page, you can select which charity you want to donate your amount.

  1. Foundation for AIDS Research 
  2. Child Fund International                         
  3. Never Down for the Count Youth Services
  4. Rainforest Alliance
  5. Mercy Corps
  6. Starlight Children’s Foundation
  7. Salvation Army
  8. Detroit Youth Volume