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If you have talent and potential for even greater heights in your craft, we want to hear from you!

We welcome submissions from all artists, in the following genres:

  • Musicians: (Solo: instrumentalists, singers, songwriters, performers)
  • Musical Groups: Any and all genres
  • Writers: Book Authors, Essayists, Poets
  • Graphic Artists: Painters, Sketch Artists
  • Photographers
  • Dancers
  • Teachers: All types of teachers can share your teaching CD/DVD or ebooks etc. for your donors to download
  • Movie Makers: “Do It Yourself” shows, cooking, crafting, fitness, yoga, meditation, animal “whistlers”, etc., documentaries, travel, comedy, and fictional plot line movies are what we are thinking, but if you make movies about something else worthwhile? Let us see what you got!

If you have samples of your art, from works that have not been published anywhere else (or that are no longer under contract to any other publisher), we welcome you to submit them, using the form below. Tell us a little about yourself, how you got to where you are in your craft, and what your goals are for becoming all that you can possibly be as an artist.

Email us the filled out form. We will review your submission and, if you are accepted as a Publishing 4 the People Artist/Client, you will receive a contract to sign. Then, we will go about the process of getting your work(s) set up on a promotional Campaign Lot.

NOTE! Publishing 4 the People does not demand exclusive rights to your work. If you become a P4TP Artist/Client, you are still free to sell your own works personally and/or get published elsewhere. However, keep in mind, every piece of your work obtained by people that is not through our site, is one less “counter” toward our goal of getting you 500 downloads, and earning you the payout of $2,000!

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