Publishing 4 the People Distributor Agreement

Willonas Enterprizes Inc. (First Party) agrees with “YOU” (Second Party) to pay Second Party the sum of $3.00 for each sale/download of a work of art on the First Party’s website ( that happens as a result of his/her (Second Party) referral.

Second Party agrees to pay, via PayPal, a one-time fee of $10, to become an official Distributor for P4tP, and will, in return, from First Party, receive a unique coded link with which to refer others to the website and be credited for the sale of the Art(s) the Distributor promotes.

Payment from the Frist Party to the Second Party for each referral sale shall be immediate, once the PayPal payment has been verified.

In addition to the $3.00 payment for each art sale made by means of the Distributor’s referral, each Distributor is eligible to compete for the Top Two Distributor bonus payouts at the completion of each Art Lot he or she is promoting.  The First Place Top Distributor will receive 75% of the 10% of all sales revenues reserved by the First Party in each Art Lot the Distributor is promoting, and the Second Place Top Distributor will receive 25% of the 10% of all sales revenues reserved by the First Party in each Art Lot the Distributor is promoting. These bonus payouts will be immediate upon completion of each Art Lot.

Signed and Agreed-

First Party – Willonas Enterprizes Inc.
Second Party – You


Artist Art Lot Contract

 AGREEMENT will be applicable from the date of signup of artist.

In the County of Wayne, in the State of North Carolina: by and between the undersigned First Party and the undersigned Second Party.

By and between Willonas Enterprizes Inc. (FIRST PARTY) and You (SECOND PARTY)

For good and valuable consideration by each of the parties hereto given to the other, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, and in consideration of the promises and covenants hereinafter contained, IT IS AGREED AS FOLLOWS:

Terms and Definitions:

  1. “Art Lot” Each piece of art, music, and/or album submitted by the SECOND PARTY to the FIRST PARTY is an “art lot” which can be downloaded as many times as possible via the website, during a period of 182 calendar days. An Art Lot is deemed completed after 182 days from the point at which it has been uploaded and started being available for sale on the website.
  2. “Download” A download from made after receipt of a donation in United States Currency and actually received by FIRST PARTY, and allocated to a specific Art Lot as defined here in and solely by and through and FIRST PARTY. No other purchase from any other source, website or medium shall constitute a download for the purposes of this agreement.

General Conditions

  1. FIRST PARTY shall pay to SECOND PARTY $3.00 after each time their Art Lot has been downloaded. This payment for each download purchase will be immediate, once the PayPal payment has been verified. Thereafter the Art Lot shall terminate and no further payments shall be due under this agreement.
  2. When an Art Lot has completed, the Artist has the right to submit to Publishing4thePeople another work of art, and/or an improved version of the original work of art, to start another Art Lot for sale.
  3. Sheet music, books, art and all other artistic materials submitted by the SECOND PARTY and accepted as an Art Lot shall bear the name(s) of the copyright registrant(s). SECOND PARTY warrants and represents that it is only submitting material (music, art, books, etc.) to which it holds copyright to in its own name.
  4. FIRST PARTY has the sole discretion of whether or not to accept an Art Lot, and may reject any and all art lots it does not deem appropriate, for whatever reason it so chooses.
  5. Only FIRST PARTY shall issue licenses and sub-publication rights from any platform, property or medium it owns, although nothing in this agreement shall be construed to prohibit SECOND PARTY from using the above described art piece freely outside of this agreement.
  6. SECOND PARTY acknowledges and affirms that they own and/or have the copy right to the art they are submitting, and that their submission of their art does not violate the terms of service, use or contracts with any third party.
  7. FIRST PARTY shall be free to make licensing and sub-publication agreements without consulting SECOND PARTY and upon whatever terms it wishes.
  8. This agreement is terminable at any time by either party, and if terminated before an Art Lot is complete the proceeds will be distributed on a pro-rata basis according to the percentages set forth herein.
  9. The SECOND PARTY shall not submit the same piece of art, music, album, etc., more than one time without substantially improving and/or altering the item that is the subject of the Art Lot.
  10. BINDING ARBITRATION. Should any dispute arise out of this agreement, the parties hereby waive their rights to any civil or criminal litigation and/or proceedings and the parties hereby mutually agree to participate in binding arbitration to settle any and all disputes. Prior to initiating the arbitration proceeding, the SECOND PARTY hereby agrees to provide written notice, sent certified mail return receipt requested to the FIRST PARTY’s registered agent and to allow reasonable time for the FIRST PARTY to cure any and all alleged breaches.
  11. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INDEMNITY: SECOND PARTY shall hold and save FIRST PARTY, its officers, agents and employees, harmless from liability of any kind, including costs and expenses, resulting from infringement of the rights of any third party in any copyrighted material, patented or unpatented invention, articles, device or appliance delivered in connection with this contract.
  12. SITUS: The place of this Contract, its situs and forum, shall be North Carolina, where all matters, whether sounding in Contract or tort, relating to its validity, construction, interpretation and enforcement shall be determined.
  13. AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS: Any and all payments to the SECOND PARTY are dependent upon and subject to the availability of funds to the FIRST PARTY for the purpose set forth in this agreement.
  14. ASSIGNMENT: No assignment of the SECOND PARTY’s obligations or the SECOND PARTY’S right to receive payment hereunder shall be permitted.
  15. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This contract and any documents incorporated specifically by reference represent the entire agreement between the parties and supersede all prior oral or written statements or agreements. All promises, requirements, terms, conditions, provisions, representations, guarantees, and warranties contained herein shall survive the contract expiration or termination date unless specifically provided otherwise herein, or unless superseded by applicable Federal or State statutes of limitation.
  16. INDEMNITY: SECOND PARTY agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless FIRST PARTY for any claims, lawsuits or actions which arise out of this agreement, including any claims by former members, associates, employees, agents and/or assigns of the SECOND PARTY.




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By registering to this website, you agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions.