What is Truth? – By Billy C Lonas

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Most people will say that truth is whatever an individual choses to be the truth for themselves. That statement is true for the individual, but it’s not the real truth. The real truth is something that cannot be disputed by anyone! The truth is something that explains what is wrong with the world and everything in it. There is only one truth. Everything else are lies that are based on that one truth. The truth is so simple and yet it is overlooked by the masses.

          Where did I find this one truth? Here’s the funny part. The Bible.That book that most people push aside as a book written by men and not from God. Even if they go to church (which I don’t advise you do) most people only read what their preacher tells them to read. People tell me all the time that the Bible is too hard to understand.Again, a lie that the churches want you to believe. Why? Because if people only knew how simple the word of God really is, they wouldn’t need religions or their preachers. Then the preacher would be out of a JOB. But hey—you may not even believe in God, and that’s fine with me. I will be getting into that subject very shortly within these pages if you chose to follow along. However, this one truth found in the Bible cannot be disputed just because one doesn’t believe in the Bible or God. The proof of this truth is still there, regardless.

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