My Journey – From Nothing to Everything – By Viren Thakkar

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➡ What if you are born as a beggar, but you have high ambitions?

➡ What if you start a business, but you have a tough competitor who can do anything to defeat you?

➡ What if you are trapped as a murder suspect in a case of a stranger?

➡ What if the woman you love tells you that she is already proposed by someone else?

➡ What if your girlfriend puts the Gun-point on your forehead?

“My Journey From Nothing to Everything” is an inspiring story of an inspiring 21st century beggar. A beggar who dreams to be a billionaire, but does not want to go in the dark. This is a story of hard-work & hardship, dreams & demoralization, love & breakup, friendship & foe ship, suspense & crime.

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“It does not matter where you are coming from, all that
matters is where you are going.”
-Brian Tracy.

Yes, the above line is correctly said, because I have experienced
it. I was nothing, but I am something now. I have travelled this
journey from ‘nothing’ to ‘everything’ by hard work. Now I
know two things, which are mostly unknown by the most of the
people of the world. These are…
1) How to live
2) Why to live.

About The Author

Viren Thakkar is a young writer who is dedicated to his writing career.  Since coming from a middle-class family in India, he has felt and experienced all three classes in his life, and can depict all the many types of human feelings with his writing. He does not see things just ‘as they are’; instead,he observes them with a 360 degree viewpoint. He finds love and life in everything around him and puts them on paper in his own words. Viren took 4 years to write his first novel, My Journey From Nothing to Everything. He enjoys the companionship of himself. He has a professional‘multiple personality’ as a book writer, script writer, play writer,and a lyricist.

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