Emmy’s Country Adventure by Billy C Lonas

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All of a sudden the sun stopped shining. Emmy saw the shadow of Big Claw on the ground getting smaller and smaller. She turned around and there was Big Claw flying right at her face. She rolled to the right and under the limb as she felt it give way under the weight of the big bird. His claws grabbed the limb and pulled it up as he continued to fly backwards until it finally broke free. As the limb whipped back, the force was more than Emmy’s little fingers could hold; in a snap she was hurled into the green cave.

                She hit her head on something hard, causing her to see baby stars everywhere. As she scrambled to her feet, dizzy from the blow, her eyes began to focus and she slowly looked up to the top of the green cave. There sat Big Claw! His huge, fiery red eyes glaring right at her; his enormous yellow beak opening and shutting as his head cocked from side to side.

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Emmy, a young squirrel, is separated from her suburban family, transported to the country in a Giant Green Monster, and faces character-building challenges. She learns—among many other things—the value of friends, facing fears, respecting elders, and realizing physical size is not a viable measure of strength and courage.

Emmy’s Country Adventure is the story of when, against Mom’s warnings, Emmy strays from home to play by the Green Cave (Dumpster) where she is befriended by Tweeter, a tiny sparrow. She is soon in trouble—Big Claw is after her! She escapes the Hawk’s grip, lands in the Green Cave and sent on a scary journey. Taken from the land of Two Paws (humans), Rolling Cans (cars), and “hard gray fields” (roads), she’s dumped into a mountain of bags and Yellow Monster (Bulldozer) threatens to bury her. Rescued by Bethany, a young country squirrel, she’s led into a large field of planted corn. Tweeter shows up and the three become friends. Bethany takes them to her family in the woods—a short journey made frightening by another attack from Big Claw. Papa agrees to escort Emmy to where she can hitch a Green Monster back home, but the family is planning a festivity the next day, so she has to wait. Emmy, Bethany and Tweeter have experiences ranging from life-threatening, to joyous, comedic, and tear-jerking. Emmy matures. Back home, she tells Mom, “I learned it’s what’s inside a person that counts. I learned I have to fail in order to succeed—to not let fear stop me from trying new things. I learned we should help each other so a few don’t have to do it all. I learned that even if you are small you can accomplish large things. Most important, I learned to never play around the Green Cave and to listen to others that love me—like you, Mom.”

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2 reviews for Emmy’s Country Adventure by Billy C Lonas

  1. testik@dadsadad.com
    2 out of 5

    ProverochkaMake a more new posts please :) ___ <a href="http://lolik.com" rel="nofollow">Sanny</a>

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  2. P4tP2018@yahoo.com
    4 out of 5

    This is a fine work, a very entertaining story - more of a parable, really - with good "life lessons" being written about. I highly recommend this book for parents with young children, it will make for great bedtime stories, bonding with your kids and teaching them good ethics and values at the same time.

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